Good Natured Family Farms MISSION STATEMENT                               

To bring high quality Local food and food products from sustainable family farms, and small businesses, to consumers and also to make these healthy products more available to vulnerable populations.

We accomplish the social part of this mission through our non-profit (501c3) charity "The Food Conservancy".  Contact Us to learn more about The Food Conservancy, or support its Good Food projects by Purchasing Good Natured Family Farms products on Amazon.  100% of profits from these sales go to The Food Conservancy.

"Food that is Better for Everyone"

Good Natured Family Farms Alliance exists to increase the profitability of its members over and above what they can achieve on their own.  The sources of its advantage in the marketplace over its members is its ability to create a basket of food products that no individual producer can efficiently create, and present it more powerfully in the market by pooling strengths and leveraging resources of all members.

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